Panos Giannopoulos pic
Now obviously this is not the average developer's official and formal photo one would expect, meaning that I'm not your average developer(?). I like to combine my work with my need to travel and explore, so you would most probably find me roaming around with my laptop on my backpack and a cup of coffee in my hand. So what's in front of you makes some sense now.

First things first, I am 24 years old, born and raised in a small city of Greece, in Patras.

I graduated the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of the University of Patras in 2017, as a result of a 5-year course, in order to acquire the integrated-Masters degree. During these years, I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects (which you can find in the Projects section) being a part of teams of students and teachers, and managed to learn and practice a lot on different technologies and programming languages. However, what has always been a bit more exiting for me, is Web development.

On 2017, and immediately after my graduation, I joined the Military Engineering Corps of Greece. It was an amazing experience, full of adventures and challenges which without a doubt, gave perspective to my life. During my service, I was responsible for developing my unit's website, for 6 months, in PHP Drupal, CSS3, Bootstrap and jQuery.

My professional career however, began when I decided to move to Brussels on the 15th of June 2018. It was one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever made, but my love for my profession was at the wheel and it would not stop until I fed it. After almost a year abroad, I must admit it was the single most life-changing and inspiring choice I could have made. Since then, I have been working for the European External Action Service (EEAS), as a full-stack Web Developer, participating in multicultural teams and projects. Some of the main projects that I have worked for concern: medical authorization requests of the local agents of the EU all around the world, budget management, crisis management, reimbursement-financial requests and more. While being a full-stack developer, I was the leading front-end developer in most of these projects due to my love and interest towards front end development. My stack is: (Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle SQL, Kendo UI on jQuery and CSS3).

During the last 4 years, my "hobby" subject is Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning which were also the fundamental bases of my thesis. The latter, got me a step further and with some extra work, it was transformed in a book chapter published by Springer (Giannopoulos P., Perikos I., Hatzilygeroudis I. (2018) Deep Learning Approaches for Facial Emotion Recognition: A Case Study on FER-2013. In: Hatzilygeroudis I., Palade V. (eds) Advances in Hybridization of Intelligent Methods. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 85. Springer, Cham).